he event, which emphasizes materials and items made or produced in Alaska, features demonstrations, workshops, a crafter’s circle and 30 vendors offering handmade goods, fiber art tools and seemingly every type of fiber under the sun. 

“The idea that one of the bears can open vehicles, is something that hasn’t happened in the past. Bears are smart. They learn … If the door is unlocked they will grab (the door handle) with their teeth.


“I knew she was trying to keep us afloat,” Welborn said. “She could hardly keep up with the orders. I didn’t realize until I got older how talented she was.”

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This article will not tell you how to kill dandelions or keep your mother-in-law from visiting. It will offer a snapshot on how to get rid of chokecherry. As sure as rain turns to snow, land managers and others from around the state gather each October to discuss emerging invasive species is…