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November 2019

I’m working on month number three on the pipeline. My experience level for the paint drying department job is climbing by the day. I’ve just about read the entire internet. I haven’t completely fallen into believing every conspiracy theory on the internet but I might actually know who killed Kennedy. Actually I had my wife bring me some J. Frank Dobie books the last time she came to visit. I have read all of them at least twice but every few years I’ll go back and pick one up.

My favorite part of J. Frank Dobie is that he writes about places that I know first hand. The hill country, South Texas, West Texas, the Gulf coast. His stories are 75% true or as true that they can be coming from old timers that lived back then. I betcha they stretched the truth on occasion.

I breezed through The Longhorns in about a week. Now I’m working on Coronado’s Children. I wanted to reread Cow People but it has mysteriously disappeared. Cow People is my favorite. If you only read one Dobie book that should be it.

My dad’s aunt was our librarian when I was in elementary school. She put me onto Dobie way back then and I ran with it. I have always been a Texas history buff and Dobie has a way of writing about Texas history that you’ve never seen in regular books.

We worked seven days a week for six weeks straight this past stretch. That is a lot of days in a row. No sleeping in, no going to Whataburger for breakfast, no going to town for lunch. That was 42 days in a row of eating a sandwich for lunch. Well not exactly 42. I actually finally broke down and bought a mexican taco from the store in town and took it out to the job for lunch. I had been eating the breakfast tacos but I hadn’t gotten a lunch taco. The last week before we went home for the break I got me one. It was like eating a gold plated chocolate cake. Eat 39 sandwiches in a row and see what it tastes like for you.

Since we had been working for six weeks straight they gave us five days off. How generous of them! I spent mine working on everything I owned. It seems that in my absence everything at my house and anywhere I might need to go was broke down or not working properly.

I had all of these plans to get everything on my “to do list” done while I was home. Instead I spent 5 days fixing things that weren’t broke before I left. Keep in mind that I haven’t been there for almost 3 months but somehow these things have become broken. Go figure!!!

I was never so glad to come back to work as I was when I got back to Rocksprings the night before I had to report back. I need to go back to work to get over my vacation.

The weather out here will make you wish you could stay out here forever. My five days in Austin County made me understand the saying, “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.” Trust me, I fully understand what they mean. My first day home wasn’t so bad. We had that cold front come through during the night so it was nice and refreshing with a strong north wind. Two days later it wasn’t as refreshing and there was no wind. I was going through two shirts a day.

The one thing I like about the pipeline is that everyone waves. You know from my previous writings that I’m a big waver while I’m driving. If I wave at you, I’m expecting a wave back. Rich people in Range Rovers on county roads don’t wave in Austin County but yet every laborer on the pipeline waves each time someone drives by. That’s just called being friendly in my book!!!

Just being friendly,

Big Al


November 2019 - Cowboy Sports News Magazine

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