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Arab News - Worldwide Latest Breaking News & Updates -
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Attack by Houthis on Saudi plant ‘cowardly sabotage’

  • Houthis claim responsibility for the attack on the plant
  • The drones hit the plant, causing a small fire that was quickly extinguished
By Arab News ·


Suicide attack in Kabul wedding hall kills 63

  • At least 182 civilians have been wounded in the attack
  • The Taliban have condemned the attack and denied any involvement
By AP ·

Special 0

US, Turkey improve ties with Syrian base

  • The joint military operations center is set to serve as a platform for negotiations between Turkey and the US


Turkish lawyers threaten boycott of Erdogan’s courts ceremony

  • The boycott protest would be a first by law associations against Recep Tayyip Erdogan
  • EU: Turkey’s judicial independence and the principle of separation of powers have been eroded since 2014
By AFP ·


India reimposes movement curbs on parts of Kashmir’s main city after clashes

  • There were violent overnight clashes between residents and police in which dozens were injured
  • India has been fighting a revolt in which at least 50,000 people have been killed
By Reuters ·


INTERVIEW: Philip Morris International mideast chief on using hi-tech to progress toward a smoke-free future

  • Tarkan Demirbas tells Arab News how smart technology will woo 9 million Gulf smokers and reduce risk
By Frank Kane ·


VAR denies Manchester City again in latest wild Premier League match with Tottenham

  • Gabriel Jesus thought he scored the winner in the second minute of injury time
  • VAR — new to the league this season — ruled the ball reached Jesus off the arm of Aymeric Laporte
By AFP ·


Meet Aya Barqawi, the Saudi-born social media star

  • Barqawi promotes what she calls ‘high-street fashion’
  • Barqawi’s Instagram posts are designed with digital frames to add a unique touch to her content
By Hams Saleh ·