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June 2019 Cowboy Sports News Magazine -

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Big Al's View Of The World


Well, it’s nice to see that some people still read my article. I didn’t have an article last month and more than just my wife and son noticed. I appreciate everyone that took the time to ask why I didn’t write anything last month and stated how much they missed it.

Last month was a blur. For some reason my days are flying by here lately. Maybe it’s the 50 thing or maybe I’m just not paying attention like I used to. It could be life in general. It could be a combination of them all. It also wasn’t just my article that I missed out on.

To get to the point: I put 18 gallons of gas in my diesel truck. Talk about not paying attention and life being a blur. That’ll wake you up.

I had been driving my wife’s car for almost a week. In that week we had put quite a few miles on the thing and I had pumped more than a tank of gas into it. It was the first day I had been back in my truck. I went to town early to get me some Whataburger (why not). I pulled into the Wal-Mart station just a few minutes after 7 in the morning. I had no sleep in my eyes. I wasn’t tired. I was happy to be back in town and get things rolling after being gone for a week. I was in the best of moods and my belly was full of the best Whataburger had to offer. And then it all changed!

While the pump was running I cleaned the Whataburger and Prasek’s cups from my back seat as I do every time I get diesel. I cleaned the old napkins out of my doors and then for some reason a little light bulb went off in my head. I looked over at the pump and saw the green handle still in its place and my whole attitude changed. At first I couldn’t believe what I had done. I’ve been driving diesels for over 20 years and never once even come close to doing this.

Thank goodness it was 7am in the morning and not lunch time. There was basically no one around for me to get in the way of. I looked in the back of my truck and found a 20’ chain but it had no hooks on the ends of it. What the hell good is a chain with no hooks and how did it get in my truck???? The guy getting fuel next to me said he would pull me out of the way if I could find a chain so I ran inside Wal-Mart and bought a 20’ tow strap and ran back out. He pulled me over into the empty parking lot and alone I was. Thank goodness my wife was close enough that she came and got me and left her car. I called around and found a shop that could get me in after lunch. Now to get it to the shop. I had to call a wrecker to haul it over there.

To make a long story short, by 2pm I had my truck back and my wallet was lighter by $370. That figure doesn’t even include the $40 of gas that I put in my truck that the shop said I couldn’t have back. They claimed it was in their scrap barrel. I’m pretty sure they are using it to mow their lawn about right now. The same thing I had in mind for it.

Lesson learned!!! You can bet I’m like an astronaut doing a check list before take-off now every time I pull up to the pump.

Church signs and life lessons

I’ve told y’all about this church in Bellville that has a sign out front. They put a new message up every week. The other day I came by and it said, “Don’t talk about people, talk to them.”

I thought that was pretty cool. Just so happened later that day I had an hour long conversation with a person from my past. By the time we parted company I had a full change of heart on this person. It seems the sign was right. I bet if we sat down with even our worst enemies we would find some common thing that we both feel passionate about. There is always that one thing that you can connect with.

Not everyone reads the Bible. Some of us just read a sign as we drive past. You never know what kind of “sign” might hit you at the right time in your life. Keep reading, especially the diesel and gas part.

Still embarrassed,

Big Al


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